Friday, 12 April 2013

YouTube content creators investing in channels to capture slice of ad revenue

YouTube content creators investing in channels to capture slice of ad revenue, Over the years, news publications and analytical firm have looked at how much YouTube has grown since its creation in 2005. Maybe this will put the whole website into perspective: More video content is uploaded to YouTube in a 60-day period than the three major television networks in the United States produced in six decades.

Google’s YouTube has become a multi-billion-dollar enterprise and continues to grow each year. Starting from its first video of co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo all the way Psy’s Gangnam Style generating 1.5 billion views in less than a year.

YouTube experiences roughly 800 million monthly unique visitors, four billion hours of video are viewed each month and users spend approximately 2.9 billion hours every month of their lives perusing videos.

Content creators can capture a share of this market because YouTube allows for monetization of videos and has opened its YouTube Partner Program for everyone. This means, each time a channel operator uploads a video and ads appear (banner or video) then the individual earns money – there have been numerous success stories in recent years.

However, with a crowded marketplace of videos and stiff competition from unique content generators, some channel owners are turning to social media marketing companies to generate viewership.

Views 4 Video is a social media marketing firm that specializes in YouTube services. Since its establishment, YouTube users have sought out the company’s services to establish a continual and large fan base.

It has an array of services to help artists, advertising agencies, business promoters and others to increase their presence on YouTube. Views 4 Video also urges offline businesses to completely utilize the benefits of YouTube.

Services offered by Views 4 Video include referrer views, regular views, likes, comments and combo specials. The price tag of each package varies, but usually ranges from as little as $7 to $100.

Is this a smart investment for channel operators to create both viewership and extra advertising revenues? The organization has a workforce of nearly two dozen experts in the fields of SEO, writing and marketing. Therefore, those who spend the money may experience dividends in the future.

With millions of videos to choose from, certain channels have no other alternative but to stand out. By using the services at Views 4 Video, it could lead to a brand new way of having consistent, lucrative and large viewership.

As the website says in the FAQ section when asked if the company can make the user’s video go viral, “If you have the talent, we can help you get to the top!”

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