Friday, 12 April 2013

Bank of America partners with Khan Academy for 'Better Money Habits' in Denver

Bank of America partners with Khan Academy for 'Better Money Habits' in Denver, Bank of America and Khan Academy announced yesterday that the two entities would be taking part in a financial education program that will give Denver area bank customers and non-customers uncharged, easy-to-understand resources that should provide the tools necessary to better manage their money.

These tools are available for people to use through the link above. This will all involve educational material from the two companies and is being promoted throughout various branches of the Bank of America network.

They have stated that no matter where anyone is coming from, "the best way to improve long-term financial success is by changing habits slowly, step by step."

This initiative will provide people the chance to learn on their own accord via a teaching style that isn't intense and will be absent of any commercial presence.

Sal Khan, who is the found of Khan Academy, spoke about this new initiative and what it will provide for those who participate in it.

"At Khan Academy, our mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, and we believe that financial understanding is now an economic imperative for all.

"Partnering with Bank of America will help us reach a significantly larger group of people searching for unbiased information on personal finance and other topics we teach," Khan said.

Andrew Plepler, who is an executive for Bank of America, also issued a statement regarding the new partnership.

"We have heard clearly from our customers that they want to build better money habits, but often lack straightforward and accessible guidance.

"We approached Khan Academy because of their proven ability to translate complex topics into simple, self-paced, on-demand learning materials," Plepler said.

Those who wish to become involved in this new program can do so through the link in the first paragraph or through here.

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