Friday, 12 April 2013

Kevin Bacon apology: Retweet on Twitter upsets 'The Following' viewers

Kevin Bacon apology: Retweet on Twitter upsets 'The Following' viewers, Kevin Bacon apologized for a retweet he sent out over Twitter. The actor felt bad for revealing the plot of an episode that had yet to be seen by international viewers. According to an April 10 report by Zap 2 It, the original tweet was sent out by the executive producer of “The Following,” Jodi Gomes.

The plot of the episode was titled “The Curse.” Kevin Bacon didn't think anything of retweeting what he saw as a compliment to his acting skills. It wasn't the backlash started that Kevin Bacon realized what he had done.

“To all the fans abroad and late watchers,” Kevin Bacon tweeted. “I'm truly sorry I retweeted a spoiler. I just wasn't thinking. Won't happen again. #MyBad [sic].”

In Kevin Bacon's defense, a spoiler is normally released before an episode airs. “The Curse” had already aired so his retweet was actually more of a recap. However, that does not apply to those who watch “The Following” outside of the United States.

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