Monday, 15 April 2013

Tugboat sinks: 4 people rescued by Coast Guard

Tugboat sinks: 4 people rescued by Coast Guard, A tugboat sank off the coast of California's Big Sur on Saturday and four crew members were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard as they drifted in a life raft. According to Fox News on April 14, 2013, the tugboat, named Delta Captain, sent a distress call to the Coast Guard and the rescue team sprang into action, sending a helicopter and two boats to the scene.

The crew in the helicopter spotted the four people drifting in the raft. They lowered a rescue swimmer to the raft and the swimmer then helped hoist them out of the raft and into the aircraft. Once they were brought ashore all four were met by paramedics, but none of the survivors needed medical attention,

The barge that was being towed by the tugboat remained out at sea drifting near the site the tugboat went down. Two tugboats were sent out to recover the barge. Along with teams from the Coast Guard, the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife will help in the recovery and they will also assess the area for any possible environmental damage.

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