Monday, 15 April 2013

Miss Russia haters: Elmira Abdrazakova fires back against ‘her online trolls’

Miss Russia haters: Elmira Abdrazakova fires back against ‘her online trolls’, Miss Russia haters have accused 18-year-old Elmira Abdrazakova of “not being Russian enough” because she comes from one of the country’s ethnic minorities. But after Miss Russia had to shut down her Facebook and Twitter accounts because of racist accusations, Miss Russia is now fighting back, reported The Sun on April 13, 2013.

“But she has now hit back against her online trolls and called the abuse ‘bizarre’."

Miss Russia’s father is Tatar, a Russian ethnic minority, and Elmira Abdrazakova was born in Kazakhstan on Oct. 7, 1994. She is a student of Economics in Russia.

In fighting back against the Miss Russia haters, Elmira is educating the racist abusers and letting them know that by insulting her, they are insulting a whole ethnic group of people and the Miss Russia organization.

On its website, the Miss Russia organization states that "’Miss Russia’ presents a unique opportunity to every beautiful, confident unmarried girl under the age of 18 to 23 years, which has Russian citizenship, to participate in the competition.”

Evidently, by winning the Miss Russia beauty pageant contest at the Concert Hall Barvikha Luxury Village in Moscow on March 2, 2013, Elmira Abdrazakova from Mezhdurechensk has not only proven that she is beautiful but also that she is Russian.

In an interview, Elmira Abdrazakova told reporters that, “The nationality question - I don't really understand it, I don't understand why men would write to a young girl offensive things about her nationality.”

Is it mere ignorance on what defines being Russian or is it mere envy that the stunning Russian beauty is out of reach for men, at least for those who lack the proper education.

One of the insults published on a Russian news website by the Russian haters said that Elmira Abdrazakova would only be considered "a real beauty among sheep."

As Elmira Abdrazakova is becoming a role model for many teenage girls in Russia and getting ready to represent Russia in the Miss Universe 2013 and Miss World 2013 pageant competition, the Miss Russia haters can only dream of being in her company and being one of those sheep.

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