Saturday, 20 April 2013

Shots at pot gathering: 2 people injured in Denver

Shots at pot gathering: 2 people injured in Denver, Shots at a pot gathering in Denver, Co. were fired leaving two people injured. On April 20 (known as 4/20 or "pot" day), ABC News reported that one or two suspects are being sought by police after a marijuana celebration at a downtown park turned violent. A man and a woman were injured and thousands of people ran for cover.

"The man and woman who were shot were expected to survive, and police were looking for one or two suspects, said Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson" (via ABC News). The shots were fired just before 5 p.m. sending people in to an instant panic.

The shots fired at the pot gathering may or may not have been meant for a specific target. Although only two people were shot it is still possible that this was a random act of violence meant to harm and terrorize others. Given the recent bombings in Boston, there has been heightened security at group events and this event was no different -- but the gunman or gunmen still managed to fire.

"We're aware of the events in Boston. Our message to the public is that, if you see something, say something," said Denver police spokesman Aaron Kafer.

The shots at the pot gathering are being investigated. Police are hopeful that they will catch the person or people responsible for this.

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