Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Seattle dead whale: Rare fin whale on shore of Puget Sound gets big attention

Seattle dead whale: Rare fin whale on shore of Puget Sound gets big attention, A Seattle dead whale became the talk of the town this weekend, as Boston News reported this Monday, April 15, that Burien, a town in the state of Washington, must now deal with cleaning a rotting fin whale carcass that recently floated ashore of Puget Sound.

The Seattle dead whale became a sad yet somehow irresistible attraction this Saturday and Sunday, as Upcoming Yahoo News added that the rare fin whale carcass — it is rare for fin whales to be found in Puget Sound, particularly to wash up on shore — was touched by thousands of people in the area who came by to see the whale and get a glimpse of the sea creature.

The animal was likely hit and killed by a passing Pacific ship, then dragged all the way to Puget Sound, speculate city officials.

Due to the health risk surrounding the dubbed Seattle dead whale, however, officials have posted warnings for the public to stay away for now.

"Right now, it's pretty crazy," said one about the entranced crowd, even though the whale smells terribly after being dead for several days before washing ashore. "It's pretty strong smelling now, and only getting worse."

Talk is now underway of how to remove the fin whale, whether simply moving it or needing to have the animal unfortunately cut into more manageable pieces first.

"That would be pretty messy and not pretty," the official concluded. “The cost is expected to run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

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