Friday, 12 April 2013

School bans leggings: 'Dress code for 'distraction-free' learning

School bans leggings: 'Dress code for 'distraction-free' learning, In California, a school ban on leggings worn by girls is causing a stretch of mixed responses. Last week, a high school in Petaluma re-announced its restrictions on wearing tight leggings because they detract from the learning environment. To support its "distraction-free" zone policy, school officials were specific in what students can and cannot wear, citing an April 10 ABC News report.

In wake of the Lululemon yoga pants recall recently, one school decided to reinforce its policy already in place that restricts girls wearing skin-tight clothing.

On the school ban on leggings, Emily Dunnagan, principal of Kenilworth Junior High in Petaluma, said this about tights worn by girls:

"Leggings have become popular among girls and many are sheer. When girls bend in leggings the threads spread and that’s really when it becomes a problem."

Last Thursday, school officials pulled over 400 girls ages 12 to 14 into an assembly. There, they reviewed the annual dress-code and emphasized that only "school-appropriate length bottom" clothing should be worn.

The reactions from students were of confusion as they fired away questions about specifics. Essentially, the principal said shorts, dresses and skirts are acceptable. However, the school banned leggings worn as pants. Instead, the policy allows them to be worn if a dress or skirt is worn on top.

Although many students at the assembly expressed confusion -- some even stating they are being singled out -- only about seven phoned or emailed protests.

Since the school's ban on tights, only four girls have been disciplined. For violating the "distraction-free" zone policy, they were pulled from class and were only allowed back by wearing long gym shorts or a "School is Cool" shirt over the banned leggings.

A Huffington Post story pointed out that the school policy is restrictive and does little to promote learning.

"Frankly, the whole wandering eyes impacting academic performance is an issue for parents of said young men to concern themselves with. Boys should learn young that the answer to their inability to prioritize school work shouldn't be 'cover up the ladies!'" a blogger wrote.

Is the school ban on leggings fair?

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