Friday, 12 April 2013

NASA announces list of challenges for 2013 International Space Apps Challenge

NASA announces list of challenges for 2013 International Space Apps Challenge, Are you a tech-savvy individual who knows a thing or two about developing apps? Ever wanted to take part in an event run by NASA? Well, now is your chance. NASA has announced over 50 challenges that participants in cities around the world can take part in for the 2013 International Space Apps Challenge.

The event, which runs worldwide from April 20-21, is focused on collaborative problem solving, with the goal being to "produce relevant open-source solutions to address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space."

The applications are not just for smartphones and tablets, they can be anything from hardware and software, to data visualization or web apps. Among the 50 plus challenges featured are:

- Catch a Meteor: Create an app that would allow observers of a
meteor shower to trace the location, color and size of the meteor.

- My Virtual Mentor: Expand the NASA GIRLS program’s online presence to mobile and/or tablet platforms.

- Lego Rovers: Design a remote operation system to control a Lego Robot through a computer or smartphone.

- Backyard Poultry Farmer: Create a Backyard Poultry Farmer app with the objective of getting individuals and households back into agriculture through backyard chickens.

A complete list of the challenges can be found here. Registration for the event at one of over 70 international locations, or to be a virtual participant from the comfort of your own home, can be found here.

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