Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Rihanna cancels another concert: Singer reportedly sick

Rihanna cancels another concert: Singer reportedly sick, Unfortunately, Rihanna has continued to be riddled with illnesses that effects her ability to put on a live performance for the fans. According to the Huffington Post on Monday April 15, Rihanna had to cancel another tour date due to sickness.

Live Nation made an official announcement concerning Rihanna's scheduled Monday night Houston concert. The concert promoters made a statement to the fans letting them know they should retain their tickets because the concert will definitely be rescheduled.

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The singer's "Diamond World Tour" has been rocky for both Rihanna and her dedicated fans. The Houston cancellation marks the third show concert put off until a later date due to Rihanna's illness. The two prior shows were events scheduled in Baltimore and Boston.

Lately, Rihanna and Chris Brown have reportedly been on the outs in their tumultuous relationship. However, fans are wondering will Chris show up to be at Rihanna's side during this unfortunate sickness.

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