Thursday, 18 April 2013

New CEO at Arianespace

New CEO at Arianespace, The Board of Directors of Arianespace named Stéphane Israël Chairman and CEO of the company on Thursday, effective April 22.

Stéphane Israël was appointed as a judge in the French Court of Auditors in 2001 after graduating from the Ecole Nationale d’Administration. While in this position, he participated in missions concerning French space policy and the Ariane launch system. He moved to the aerospace industry in 2007, first as advisor to Louis Gallois, Chief Executive Officer of EADS, then holding various operational management positions at Astrium Space Transportation and Astrium Services.

In May 2012, Stéphane Israël was appointed chief of staff to the French Minister for Industrial Renewal.

Outgoing CEO Jean-Yves Le Gall, who had headed Arianespace since 2001, was named President of French space agency CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) on April 3, Arianespace's core shareholder, by the French Council of Ministers.

Arianespace was founded in 1980 as the world’s first commercial satellite launch company. The company is based in France.

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