Monday, 15 April 2013

Eric Williams, ex justice of the peace, reportedly suspect in Texas DA killings

Eric Williams, ex justice of the peace, reportedly suspect in Texas DA killings, On April 13, 2013, Eric Williams, a former Kaufman County, Tex. justice of the peace, was arrested on a terroristic threat charge, following a search of his home and a storage unit. The Dallas Morning News reports that he is expected to be charged with capital murder for the deaths of Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse in January, and District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia last month.

Williams, 46, was charged with stealing equipment from the county in 2012 and was aggressively prosecuted by both Hasse and McLelland for the crime. He was found guilty, but instead of serving jail time, Williams was sentenced to probation, and lost his health insurance, his job, and his law license, reports the Morning News.

He is appealing the case, but also faces a second theft charge related to the “misuse of money from a law library fund,” writes the Dallas publication.

The report indicates authorities discovered that anonymous emails sent to county officials just a day after the McLellands’ bodies were found are linked to Williams and weapons similar to those used in the killings were found in his storage unit. A vehicle that is similar to one caught on a surveillance video entering and leaving the McLellands neighborhood the day of the murders was also discovered in the unit.

Williams, through his attorney, has said he is innocent of the slayings.

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