Monday, 15 April 2013

Joshua Tree closure because of National Park patron graffiti

Joshua Tree closure because of National Park patron graffiti, The Joshua Tree closure of popular hiking spots is due to the fact that so many of the National Park's patrons have destroyed the park's resources with graffiti, according to an April 14 ABC News report.

It is disgusting that people have decided to pervasively graffiti the national park resources at the Joshua Tree National Park. Because of this, many favorite locations are now off limits to the public. That means that people can no longer see this beautiful part of nature that was worth preserving under the national parks canopy.

Barker Dam is one of the locations included in the Joshua Tree closure. In addition, famous rock formations and historic Native American sites are no longer available to the public at this time. In all, there are 17 spots that have been defiled with graffiti.

Park ranger Pat Pilcher said,

"I've worked at six national parks, and this is the most extensive I've seen in 20 years."

It is completely unacceptable that people are using Joshua Tree National Park to write their graffiti, and if vandals are caught, the fine is stiff. People who mistreat the park could face $5,000 in fines and six months in jail. That is no laughing matter.

These places will open again once the graffiti is cleaned up. However, this type of cleanup job should not have to happen at a beautiful national park. People who visit these special places know better.

Writing something on ancient rock formations and putting it on Facebook and Twitter is not a good enough reason to destroy the U.S.'s national parks.

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