Monday, 15 April 2013

Was Kelli Bordeaux Murdered?

Was Kelli Bordeaux Murdered?, It's been one year since Kelli Bordeaux vanished a year ago today after partying at the Froggy Bottoms bar with a man she had met just a week prior. It's disappointing to report that as of April 14, 2013 there are no investigative updates in the case, meaning that nothing has changed since a year ago. Kelli remains missing and investigators remain tight lipped about all of the details of this mysterious case. With it being a full year since her disappearance, is it likely that the missing Fort Bragg soldier was murdered?

She was last seen with registered sex offender Nicholas Holbert, who has been jailed for nearly the entire span of her disappearance. Holbert has long been the target of scrutiny, and rightfully so. It should also be mentioned that her loved ones don't believe that she was the one who sent one of the last texts from her phone. This indicates that someone was in control of the missing woman -- but did the person kill her? If so, was it Nicholas Holbert or someone who happened upon the woman after he dropped her off?

The Find Kelli Bordeaux Facebook page doesn't appear to have anything posted on it recently to commemorate the anniversary of her disappearance. This indicates that the family is having a rough time right now, evidently unable to address this on social networking right now. Hopefully they understand that they are loved nationally and many people are holding onto hope that there will be closure in this case.

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