Monday, 15 April 2013

Space Mountain closed as Disneyland attraction is shuttered over safety concerns

Space Mountain closed as Disneyland attraction is shuttered over safety concerns, The famous Space Mountain roller coaster, a main Disneyland attraction, was closed on April 13. So were Soarin' Over California and the Matterhorn, according to Yahoo! via the Associated Press who learned the details about this stall from Disneyland Resort spokesperson Suzi Brown.

Brown stated, "We constantly strive to maintain a safe work environment for our cast members and contractor." Then she added that her company is in the process of "reviewing certain protocols."

Brown said the closures were made on a voluntary basis as cautionary measures aimed at the safety of the iconic theme park's employees. California's Department of Occupational Safety and Health (CAL/OSHA) had reportedly handed out citations about certain concerns the afternoon of April 12. At that point and at their own discretion, Disney officials turned the switch off of the Matterhorn, Space Mountain and Soarin’ Over California for the time being.

Then, the Matterhorn bobsled ride opened up again on Sunday. The other two rides, including Space Mountain at Disneyland and Soarin' Over California at Disney California Adventure next door, do remain closed at this writing, however.

According to The Disney Blog, more inspections may be in order. This source also gave possible reasons for the ride closures which could date back to a 2006 agreement between CAL/OSHA and Disney to make improvements and be subject to periodic inspections.

This latest closure also could relate to a Nov. 2012 incident when a worker laboring outside the Space Mountain complex was hurt in an accident. This happened while he was cleaning the structure and CAL/OSHA was then required to inspect the accident site.

In addition to these most recent Disneyland closures, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed down in early January. The huge attraction is still shuttered as this "runaway train" in Frontierland undergoes upgrades like new tracks and fresh paint. No word as to when the ride will open as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad continues it renaissance in Anaheim.

And so, as all of this sad yet necessary stuff happens at the Happiest Place on Earth, Space Mountain and Soarin' Over California are the most recent to be affected at Disneyland. Surely, after safety concerns are assuaged and as upgrades are made and completed, these attractions and the others that are not in operation will be back up and running in no time. So, stay tuned but don't stay away because Disneyland still has an abundance of joyous lures to keep you and your family occupied for days.

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