Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How to help in the aftermath of Boston Marathon twin bombing

How to help in the aftermath of Boston Marathon twin bombing, Millions of Americans are praying for the victims of the Boston Marathon twin bombing and are wondering what they can do to help families, friends and the residents of Boston following the tragic terrorist attack.

On April 15 MEMA, The Massachusetts Emergency Medical Agency, tweeted a request that if you are trying to reach someone, text, do not call. Texting takes less bandwidth than a phone call and is your best option to reach your friends and family. The Boston mayor’s hotline is a land line option. Call (617) 635-4500.

Use the Red Cross “Safe and Well” registry if you are in the Boston area to let loved ones know you are safe. The Red Cross also urges you to update your social media pages if at all possible.

Get Boston Marathon bombing updates from Rachael Monaco
Law enforcement officials ask that you call the tip hotline in Boston at (800) 494-TIPS if you have any information regarding the twin bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Boston.com has set up a Google Doc for those who need a place to say or have a place for runners who cannot get back to their hotels or fly out of Boston

Click here if you are in Boston and need a place to stay
Click here if you are in Boston and have a place for a runner to stay
On April 15 the Red Cross tweeted that there is enough blood on hand to handle the tragedy in Boston. The Red Cross is asking people not to rush out to donate blood immediately, but instead call their local Red Cross office and schedule a time to come in and give blood at a future date.

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