Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Heroes emerge in the wake of Boston Marathon tragedy

Heroes emerge in the wake of Boston Marathon tragedy, Two explosions rocked the end of the Boston Marathon as runners crossed the finish line on April 15. The two explosions occurred within fifteen seconds of each other, resulting in three deaths and over 130 injuries according to the Chicago Tribune.

A day that was supposed to be filled with hope, inspiration, and victory, was turned to panic and grief as the realization of what happened struck. Bystanders, runners, and those around the world are shocked at the devastating events that unfolded.

Derek [last name withheld], a Boston native, stated, "Boston is my city. I was born there, I lived there. My family is there. I cannot describe the heartache I am feeling right now. I never thought this would happen."

Among the chaos of the tragic events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon, there is good to be found. People pulled together, heroes emerged, and many immediately rushed to the aid of those in need. Bystanders and runners selflessly ran towards the danger to help the injured. Reuters reports that others, after having finished the 26-mile race, went to the hospital to donate blood.

Clark Griswold summed it up nicely when he posted to his Facebook page, "I'm seeing a lot of people posting that humanity sucks. I disagree. The bomber sucks. The 'humanity' is the outpouring of help and support."

Thoughts, prayers, love, and support from around the globe are pouring out to Boston's residents and to those involved.

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