Friday, 12 April 2013

Giant wasps nest: Millions of wasps found in a house

Giant wasps nest: Millions of wasps found in a house, A giant wasps nest was found in the hallway of an abandoned home in the Canary Islands. The experts believe that African wasps built the giant wasps nest. According to an April 12 report by the New York Daily News, the giant wasps nest measures 21-feet and nine-inches in length.

Neighbors called the local police and reported the giant wasps nest. Officers have cordoned off the uninhabited home and are trying to locate the owners. At the time, the owners had not been identified or found.

“That is something out of a horror movie,” Jody Hamilton, from Oklahoma City, said. “I wonder if African wasps can be like Africanized bees. That would so freak me out. I hope everyone stays safe.”

Experts claim the giant wasps nest could not have been built by wasps native to the Canary Islands. Those experts believe the giant wasps nest was built by wasps from Africa. The northwest coast of Africa is only about sixty miles from the Canary Island.

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