Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fertilizer plant near Waco exploded, ripped through factory like killer tornado

Fertilizer plant near Waco exploded, ripped through factory like killer tornado, On April 17, a Texas fertilizer plant experienced a deadly explosion in a factory located about 20 miles from Waco. The piercing blast was likened to a killer tornado.

According to ABC, who was live steaming the aftermath of this terrible accident, some 200 people were hurt as of this writing. Some 40 were critically injured, with the plant leveled and the neighboring buildings demolished.

The Associated Press via Yahoo! said that the person who likened this West, Texas fertilizer blast to a tornado said, "Stuff was flying was like the whole earth shook."

Another person who was on hand was Lydia Zimmerman. She had been at home with her family in Bynum, located about a dozen miles from West, when the explosion occurred. The terrified bystander told the AP that "it sounded like three bombs going off very close to us."

By way of background, this is not a singular experience. Just 10 days prior to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, a chemical plant blast in Toulouse, France, killed about three dozen wile injuring thousands after a hangar blew up. Like in West, Texas, the incident in France was using hundred of tons of ammonium nitrate for fertilizer use and this chemical caused the explosion later blamed on negligence.

Meanwhile, as the story breaks about the West, Texas, incident, the town's mayor and volunteer firefighter Tommy Muska talked to the press. Although he couldn't account for the number of people "injured or killed" at the time of his announcement, he was able to report that "buildings in a five-block radius from the plant were severely damaged by the explosion."

Among them was the West Rest Haven Nursing Home, which was allegedly evacuated with more than 130 patients taken out by first responders.

American Red Cross crews from Waco to Dallas are arriving at the site "to find a safe shelter for residents displaced from their homes." Stay tuned for more on the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion that ripped through the factory like a killer tornado 9 the night of April 17.

UPDATE: Some 60 to 70 people were reportedly killed, including first responders, and some 50 to 70 buildings were reportedly leveled in West, near Waco, Texas, after the fertilizer plant explosion. All 2,800 people in this tiny town are being evacuated from the area with volunteers aregoing door to door to get everyone out for fear of another explosion. The mayor said the blast from the fertilizer plant explosion near Waco felt like a nuclear explosion.

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