Wednesday, 17 April 2013

1985 message in a bottle: 28 years later, bottle makes its way back to land

1985 message in a bottle: 28 years later, bottle makes its way back to land, Tales of the mail taking forever to get somewhere are often exaggerated, but it truly has never been this slow. Reuters revealed a story on Wednesday, April 17, 2013, about a message in a bottle that washed ashore in Croatia recently. The strange part is that the bottle had actually been written to a woman named Mary and was sent out 28 years ago.

Surfers were cleaning debris from a beach in the Southern Adriatic when they came across a bottle that was half broken and had a piece of paper inside.

Matea, a 23-year-old surfer, was about to pitch the bottle away when she realized there was a wet piece of paper sitting inside the bottle. Upon taking the paper out and giving it a closer inspection, she noticed that there was something written on it.

"Mary, you really are a great person. I hope we can keep in correspondence. I said I would write. Your friend always, Jonathon, Nova Scotia, 1985," said the message, which the daily carried in English.

The 1985 message in a bottle was sent from Nova Scotia, a Canadian province that lies on the eastern coast of Canada. How it somehow managed to make it all the way to Croatia and still have anything left after 28 years is beyond reasoning.

Then again, a promise is a promise, and Jonathon did tell Mary that he'd write.

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