Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Boston Marathon Navy Seals with backpacks

Boston Marathon Navy Seals with backpacks, Not only did one former Navy Seal finish the run Monday in the Boston Marathon, but also, images from surveillance cameras positively identify Navy Seals, each with backpacks, among members of the crowd gathered at the marathon.

"I heard the explosion and I saw the smoke coming up," Gomez told Fox News Latino. "It brought me back to a place I was 20 years ago to the day. I've heard that kind of explosion before, and you could tell it wasn't a good thing."

Gomez, 47, is accustomed to combat situation, being one of few to serve as a Navy aircraft carrier pilot and Navy Seal officer.

"When the bombs went off on Monday in Boston, he knew he had to react," Fox News reports.

Fox failed to report, however, that photo images taken from news reports, as provided by Blogdog of Before It's News, show Navy Seals, wearing backpacks, were at the Boston Marathon.

Individuals wearing backpacks spotted at the marathon had similar caps, pants and boots as former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, whose photo is also provided by Before It's News.

The marathon mass murder is increasingly appearing to be yet another false flag event, a psychological operation for political gain, according to a growing number of human rights defenders, who are using the new media to prove their point with documented evidence.

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