Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Explosion in West Texas fertilizer plant leaves some victims critically injured.

Explosion in West Texas fertilizer plant leaves some victims critically injured., Wednesday shortly after 7 p.m. a tremble was felt in Waco and throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Many thought the tremble was the effects of an earthquake. The sources of the shaking originated from an explosion at a fertilizer plant in the 300 block of Haven St. in West, Texas. The town is located 19 miles north of Waco.

Multiple fire departments are on the scene attempting to extinguish the fire. At this point, 9 Air Evacuation helicopters have been called to land at the scene for multiple injuries. The injuries range from serious to critical. Additional helicopters have also been called in to assist with numerous injuries.

More units are currently en route to assist in this effort. Sources have stated that 10 buildings including a school are also burning due to the explosion.

Triage has been set up at West High School football field on Reagan St.

According to KWTX news, Dr. George Smith, Director of West EMS believes there are between 60 and 70 people dead as a result of the blast. An official number of fatalities have yet to be confirmed.

Sources have reported that 5 firefighters and 1 police officer are among the deceased.

Currently, the fire caused by the explosion has destroyed 4 blocks of homes, a nursing home,and an apartment complex. Firefighters have found numerous individuals trapped in homes and buildings.

Many residents are without electricity at this time. Official are asking residents to stay in their homes and away from the explosion site.

The cause of the explosion is unknown at this time.

An official hotline for people searching for loved ones possibly injured in West has been set up. The number provided is 254-202-1100.

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