Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Queen dodges sword at Thatcher funeral: Sword nearly slices monarch

Queen dodges sword at Thatcher funeral: Sword nearly slices monarch, Britain's queen dodges sword at Margaret Thatcher's funeral Wednesday when one of the regally dressed attendants at the event swung the weapon within inches of her face. An April 17 report by Inquisitr, explains that Alderman Roger Gifford, the Lord Mayor of London, didn't realize how close he was to Queen Elizabeth when he swung the sword.

The queen dodged the sword by moving backwards. She was within inches of being sliced, several reports revealed. The queen's husband, Prince Philip, grinned at her when she jumped back then looked at the Lord Mayor. The sword will now be known as the one the queen dodged. It's actually named the Mourning Sword. Thatcher's funeral was the first time it's been seen in public since the state funeral of Winston Churchill.

After the bizarre incident, the Lord Mayor led Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to the Archbishop of Canterbury at St. Paul's Cathedral.

Anything unexpected that meets the British royals makes news easily, whether it's a funeral or other official event. British ceremony is seldom, if ever, imperfect. Every detail is covered and rehearsals have been meticulously played before the final event. Something as careless as the queen being within inches of someone swinging a sword before the world is highly unusual. Apparently this part of the Thatcher's funeral was overlooked during preparations.

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