Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Did Paige Aiello voluntarily disappear?

Did Paige Aiello voluntarily disappear?, Hillsborough coed Paige Aiello remains missing and more than a week has gone by with no answers. Her family still holds onto hope -- and like in previous reports on both Gather News and Examiner -- it's been acknowledged that she may be too stressed to cope. However, a CBS report on April 17, 2013 indicates that her case is still being investigated as nothing more than a disappearance. This indicates that there is no evidence to support the suicide theory, nor is there enough evidence to support the theory that she was kidnapped. Of course, anyone who is familiar with cases like these is aware that sometimes evidence isn't necessary for something to have happened.

On the Facebook page associated with the official search for Paige Aiello, multiple people connected with the case made mention of a very credible theory. Is it likely that this stressed out coed took off on her own to disappear and "get away from it all?" This person made a comment about the possibility that Paige might have left the country and even mentioned Greece in particular.

Is it at all possible that this young woman took off to get away and escape her life of stress and adulthood? It's absolutely possible. However, it's also possible that every other theory brought to attention in this case is valid. She might have jumped from the George Washington Bridge -- even though her body has yet to be found. She also might have been kidnapped, but no surveillance footage has revealed evidence in that direction or the other. This case is truly a mystery.

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