Friday, 12 April 2013

Escalator strangling death investigated: Surveillance camera captured scene

Escalator strangling death investigated: Surveillance camera captured scene, An escalator strangling death is being investigated after a man perished when his clothing became entangled in the device's mechanism. According to an April 12, 2013 report by The Inquisitr, 42-year-old Maurecio Bell was at the Benaroya Hall Metro Station in Washington on Sunday when the incident took place.

Bell reportedly fell from the escalator before his clothing became trapped in the moving stairs. A surveillance camera captured the strange accident on video. The footage shows Bell stumbling and then propping himself up against the wall of the escalator before falling onto his back just before reaching the bottom.

The man lay supine on the escalator and did not attempt to right himself. When Bell arrived at the foot of the escalator, his shirt became entangled in the moving parts, choking him and causing the escalator strangling death.

A passerby stopped the escalator using a manual stop button and performed CPR on the victim. Neither the Good Samaritan nor responders from the Seattle Fire Department were able to resuscitate him.

Escalators can be tricky to navigate, particularly when impaired. Although it has not been revealed whether the deceased had been drinking before the escalator strangling death, there was an open container of brandy in the man's pocket.

In an unrelated incident, see what happened when a drunk man tried to climb an escalator going in the opposite direction in the video at the top of this page.

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