Friday, 12 April 2013

Escalator strangling: 42-year-old dies after falling on escalator

Escalator strangling: 42-year-old dies after falling on escalator, An escalator strangling death is being investigated by authorities in Wash. state. On April 12, ABC News reported that a 42-year-old man fell while riding an escalator and he ended up being strangled to death because his clothes got caught.

While he could have died from the fall, an autopsy concluded that his cause of death was choking. It sounds like his jacket or shirt got caught up in the mechanism and then tightened around his neck.

"Maurecio Bell was found unconscious and unresponsive early Sunday at the bottom of an escalator at the Benaroya Hall Metro Station," ABC News reports.

This escalator strangling isn't the first of its kind, but these incidents are rare. People are more likely to get a limb (such as a finger) stuck between the moving stairs or get a couple of bad bumps and bruises from hitting the metal upon a fall.

In order for this man to die, there had to be a very specific chain of events -- he had to fall just right to have his clothing get caught and then bunch up around his neck.

This escalator in particular has caused this particular metro station in Seattle plenty of problems.

According to the report, seven people were injured on it back in December. Officials worked on it to ensure it was safe after finding 32... yes, that's thirty-two code violations.

The escalator strangling preceded the labor union's announcement that the escalator was checked out and given the green light. The announcement was made the very next day.

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