Friday, 12 April 2013

Coma request: Bob Seger top request for Evie Branan after miracle

Coma request: Bob Seger top request for Evie Branan after miracle, After a five-year coma, Evie Branan's first request after waking was to attend a Bob Seger concert. The 79-year-old Michigan woman miraculously woke from a semi-comatose state in 2011. Thursday, her wish came true; she saw the "Night Moves" singer perform. Hopefully, the woman can finally "turn the page."

In 2007, Branan suffered a massive stroke in Flint, which left her in somewhat of a vegetative state. She is lucky to be alive; many stroke victims are females and survival rates, while improving, are still high, according to the American Heart Association.

The frail woman spent the next five years in a coma at Willowbrook Manor nursing home, but had no ability to communicate.

However, while trying to get out of bed without assistance to use the ladies room, Branan fell to the floor and bumped her head. That's when the miracle happened.

"My memory started coming back, not all at once, just gradually. But they said when I woke up one morning, the first words out of my mouth [were], 'I want to go to a Bob Seger concert,' and what made me say that I still can't figure out why," the woman said about her coma request.

Obviously, staff at the nursing facility was elated at her sudden recovery from a vegetative state. However, thanks to a bump on her head, the woman saw Seger perform April 11 at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

In fact, in preparation for their pre-arranged meet and greet, the Michigan woman built her strength to hug the music legend.

The coma request to see Bob Seger was not out of left field; yesterday marked the fifth time watching the musician perform over the years. Imagine that?

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