Friday, 12 April 2013

Beaver kills man during impromptu photo shoot: Reminder that life is short

Beaver kills man during impromptu photo shoot: Reminder that life is short, A beaver kills a man in Belarus is the strange headline floating around today that serves as a sad reminder that often life is all too short. According to an April 12 Global Post report, the man was simply trying to take a picture of the wild animal.

The man was fishing with friends at Lake Sheskatov when he stopped to photograph a beaver that was on the side of the road. However, the beaver attacked the man, biting him in the thigh. That bite severed a main artery, and ultimately, the unlucky man bled to death even though his friends tried to stop the bleeding.

What an awful ending to what should have been a fun outing! It does not seem like this man was trying to do anything bad or wrong necessarily. However, beavers are wild animals, and it is not inconceivable that one could attack if you approach it, especially if it has rabies. Even so, most people would not expect to die from a beaver attack.

According to Sergei Shtyk, head wildlife deputy in the region,

"It was early morning and already light when they saw a beaver by the road, which was unusual because beavers are nocturnal. One of them went up to be photographed with it, and the animal attacked him and bit him twice, cutting an artery in his thigh, before running away."

The thing to learn from this is to be careful with wildlife. If you take a picture perhaps you should stay a bit further back. If this man had lived, he likely would have needed rabies shots because usually only beavers infected by rabies attack humans. Even if something strange and unusual like a beaver killing a man does not happen, a beaver attack could still be quite painful.

The sad truth of the matter is that life is fragile, and you do not have the promise of tomorrow. Remember that.

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