Monday, 15 April 2013

Boston Marathon: Bombs kills two

Boston Marathon: Bombs kills two, Two, possibly three bombs, went off in Boston during the Boston Marathon. At least two people were killed and about 23 people were injured. According to an April 15 report by Reuters, it is unknown if the bombs are related, but they are being treated as if they were related.

Massachusetts General Hospital is currently treating 19 victims of the Boston Marathon bombs. At least six are currently in critical condition. Information about the conditions of the others injured by the Boston Marathon bombs were unknown at the time of publication.

Two of the Boston Marathon bombs were set off close to the marathon's route. Another was set off at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. That library is about three miles from where the Boston Marathon was taking place.

The situation, at this time, according the news crews, is very fluid. Information is coming in faster than what can currently be reported.

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