Monday, 15 April 2013

Fake charity Twitter accounts launched in light of Boston Marathon explosions

Fake charity Twitter accounts launched in light of Boston Marathon explosions, While several explosions have hit the Boston Marathon today, there have been a few Twitter accounts opened, that were alleging they would donate money to the victims of the tragedy for every re-tweet they received.

The catch is these accounts were fake and were just looking to profit off of the publicity coming out of the explosions.

Hundreds of people had been responding to the fake accounts, with many being outraged that individuals would try to use this tragedy as a platform for increasing social presence. One of the fake Twitter accounts can be found through this link here.

The account has since been closed, but there had been numerous tweets sent out by this account in the wake of the bombings. Many people had also re-tweeted the initial post of donating one dollar for a re-tweet.

Another variation of the account that many have been trying to fraudulently use can be found through this link. Again though, that account has since been closed.

The real Twitter account for the Boston Marathon did send out various tweets to those who were in Boston. They were sent out to help those who needed clarification on where to go and where may be safe.

Further raw footage of the blasts have now been uploaded to YouTube. For those who would like to view it, just click on the link here, but be warned it is extremely graphic and may be difficult for most to watch.

We will provide further updates as we have them.

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