Thursday, 11 April 2013

$81,500 returned: Two teens give tens of thousands back to elderly man

$81,500 returned: Two teens give tens of thousands back to elderly man, Two Norwegian boys win the good deed of the month award as they returned $81,500 to the person that lost it. The Epoch Times reported on Thursday, April 11, 2013, that the money was found in a bag on a train and the $81,500 returned to the elderly passenger that left it.

"When I opened the bag, the first thing I saw were these wads and wads of bills,” one of the teens, named Bendik, was quoted by AFP as saying.

“My first thought was to call the police,” he said.

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After doing a little more research, the two teenage boys found the owner's passport as well. It was a man in his seventies and he is now slated to pick up the lost money within the next day.

Police told media outlets that they don't think any foul play or wrongdoing is behind the large sum of cash. They also didn't know if the teenagers would get a reward for the $81,500 returned.

It isn't often that people display the kindness that these two boys did or the same amount that the man in Tennessee did when he found $3,800 in a dumpster and turned it in. Sometimes, it just pays to do the right thing.

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