Friday, 12 April 2013

Hamster rises from dead after having been buried 1 foot under ground

Hamster rises from dead after having been buried 1 foot under ground, A hamster rises from the dead on Good Friday after it had been buried one foot under a flower bed and while it is for some an Easter miracle, it is for others an important reminder that hamsters do hibernate when it gets too cold. Twenty-three-year-old Lisa Kilbourne-Smith and her 24-year-old boyfriend James Davis were taking care of hamster Tink for a friend when they found the little hamster lifeless in her cage, reported Stroud News and Journal on April 10, 2013.

Thinking that Tink the hamster was dead, the two friends wrapped the supposedly dead hamster’s body in a kitchen roll and buried her one foot under the ground.

Despite being the coldest Easter ever in England, Tink decided that it was not time yet for an eternal rest and ate her way out of the paper shroud, dug her way out of the grave, climbed up a pipe into a recycling box, and stayed in an empty cat food cardboard box.

Lisa Kilbourne-Smith’s 60-year-old dad, who lives next door, was working in the back yard crushing together recycling boxes when all of a sudden “a little face popped out” of one of the recycling boxes and gave him “a big startle.”

"We’ve nicknamed her Jesus because it was Easter when she came back from the dead.”

According to Veterinarian John Auld in Gloucester, England, while it is no surprise that someone mistakes a hibernating hamster for a dead hamster, it is a surprise that this hamster came out of its hibernation during freezing temperatures.

“I’m amazed by this hamster. The animal’s body temperature would have had to have risen to rouse it from hibernation.”

Maybe hamster Tink knew somehow, “It’s Good Friday. Freezing temperatures or not, it’s time to rise and shine.“

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