Tuesday, 16 April 2013

78-year-old Boston runner: Witness opens up on 'loud' bombing during marathon

78-year-old Boston runner: Witness opens up on 'loud' bombing during marathon, A 78-year-old Boston runner is making news headlines tonight amid updates on the tragic Boston Marathon bombings, as ABC News reported this Monday, April 15, that the Washington man who was in his third marathon was almost at the finish line when he was struck by one of the bomb detonations, and recently opened up on the experience.

The 78-year-old Boston runner, Bill Iffrig of Washington, was caught in a captured photograph that soon went viral on Twitter after he was literally knocked to the ground by a blast of one of the devastating bombs this afternoon. All he could remember at the time was a tremendous noise, and finding himself down on the ground.

"It was only 5 feet away from me," he said. "It was really loud."

Fortunately, Iffrig only suffered a cut on the knee, though the frequent marathon runner said he was one of the closest runners to the explosion when it struck.

Mark Iffrig, Bill’s son, said that he had been following how his father was doing in the Boston Marathon online, but didn’t hear about the bombings until a Facebook post. He soon called his father, and heard that he had survived the dangerous ordeal.

"It's horrible. He said it was quite a concussive blast. He was a little dazed. Someone helped him up," said the concerned son on the 78-year-old Boston runner, adding that he knew it was his dad from the viral photo of officers helping an elderly man to his feet. "He was only about 10 feet from the finish line."

Our hearts continue to go out to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings tragedy and their friends, family, and community, and will continue to provide updates as they are available. No suspects have been reported yet (though a "mystery man on the roof" has been seen), while a terrorist attack is believed to be the cause of the bombings.

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