Monday, 6 May 2013

Will Jessica Heeringa ever be found?

Will Jessica Heeringa ever be found?, The search for Jessica Heeringa continues, but there don't appear to be any answers after more than a week since she vanished. The search for the silver minivan believed connected to her kidnapping continues as well, and there have been no arrests or suspects named.

However, WZZM ABC News 13 shares that cellphone data may be implemented in the search for the missing Norton Shores, Mich. woman. As of May 5, 2013 the Norton Shores Chief of Police confirmed that investigators are back to square one, but authorities are looking to the cell phone towers for clues.

If the suspect had a cellphone then he'd likely ping nearby, but so would anyone else in the area with a phone! So detectives certainly have their work cut out for them in this heartbreaking case.

WZZM also reports that Jessica's cellphone was left behind with her purse and wallet full of cash, so this will make it harder for detectives to track down a suspect. It's likely that the suspect is privy to cellphone tower pings and chose to purposely leave her belongings behind for this very reason.

The forensic leg work officials are going through to track a potential witness is fascinating though -- something straight out of one of those CSI shows. They're cross referencing pings from the towers the night Jessica was kidnapped with the carriers associated with the pings.

They are then investigating to determine what kinds of vehicles the cellphone contract holders own. However, one obstacle they can face is the possibility that the driver of the van didn't bring a cellphone with him or he may have used one of those throw-away "Go Phones."

Fox 17 News reported on May 5, 2013 that there are still a lot of "high priority tips" coming in to officials -- even though they have no actual new evidence. Still, the only real development going on during week two of Jessica's disappearance involves the investigation of cellphone data.

The official Facebook page associated with the search for the missing woman continues to attract followers from all over the world -- even as far as Finland -- and the volunteer searches are still being coordinated. Flyers are still being passed out with the woman's photo and details printed across them.

Will Jessica Heeringa ever be found? As been stated time and time again, the most vital window of time is the first 48 to 72 hours that a person is missing. With it being known that she was abducted, that window of time is surrounded by the urgency that the abductee could soon become the victim of a violent crime.

The fact that gunshots were heard in the early Saturday morning hours following her abduction is still being discussed in news reports like this one. So it seems that the suspicion of foul play is apparent.

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