Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Brenda Heist found: Missing Pennsylvania woman from 2002 found

Brenda Heist found: Missing Pennsylvania woman from 2002 found, Brenda Heist was found in Key Largo, Fla. Friday when she turned herself in, Huffington Post reports May 1. The missing Pennsylvania woman went missing after she dropped her two young children off at school in 2002. She was in the midst of a divorce, unhappy, and wasn't thinking straight the day she left her family behind.

Heist informed police in Florida that when she went to a local park after dropping her children off at school where three homeless people befriended her. She joined them on an adventure hitchhiking from Pennsylvania to Florida. Since then she's been doing odd jobs, remaining homeless, and living in tents. She finally got tired of running and turned herself in.

Brenda Heist has been found, but the husband and children she left behind are in shock over the newest development. Since she was declared legally dead, her family has moved on. Her husband, Lee Heist, has remarried and her daughter is now 19 and son is 23. According to the report, there's an interest in both sides to meet at some point. For now her ex-husband and children want time to absorb the news.

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