Thursday, 11 April 2013

Witness says Travis Alexander was afraid of Jodi Arias before she killed him

Witness says Travis Alexander was afraid of Jodi Arias before she killed him, On April 11, 2013, Alyce La Violette, a key defense witness in the Jodi Arias case told the jury that Arizona man Travis Alexander, the former lover Arias admitted killing, was scared of her shortly before he died, according to ABC News.

Arias, 32, is charged with the 2008 murder of Alexander, 30. He was stabbed 27 times, his throat was slashed from ear-to-ear, and he was shot in the head. She claims she killed him in self-defense after he became violent with her.

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Prosecutor Juan Martinez, asked domestic abuse expert LaViolette, “Isn’t it true that Mr. Alexander was extremely afraid of the defendant Jodi Arias, based on her stalking behavior?”

LaViolette answered, “He was afraid of her, yes.”

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Alexander’s text messages were read in the courtroom, and in one he called Arias “evil.” He then wrote, “You are the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

Martinez commented on the text by asking LaViolette, “And that is true in this case, isn’t it?” which caused Arias’ attorney, Jennifer Willmott, to object.

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According to ABC, Willmott “reminded LaViolette” that following the breakup between Arias and Alexander, he continued to contact Arias and ask her to come to his home. Willmott noted that in January 2008, only five months after the couple split, Alexander sent Arias a text message saying he loved her.

Willmott also stated that Arias only went to Alexander’s residence on the day she killed him because he invited her there.

She asked LaViolette whether it would be considered “typical behavior” for a man to “fall asleep and allow someone who he’s supposedly afraid of to sleep next to him…”

LaViolette simply responded with, “No.”

The domestic violence expert is expected to continue her testimony and will be asked by jurors about her testimony and the time she spent interviewing Arias in jail, according to ABC.

If Arias is convicted of Alexander’s murder, she could be sentenced to death.

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