Saturday, 13 April 2013

Winter briefly returns to the northeast as freezing rain creates slick roads

Winter briefly returns to the northeast as freezing rain creates slick roads, Winter weather advisories and freezing rain advisories were issued for several states across the northeast on Thursday night as winter made a brief comeback. A complex storm system moving along a stationary frontal boundary in the mid-Atlantic region moved into cold air that was funneling into the northeast on a brisk northerly flow.

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In the Capital Region of upstate New York, roads became slick from falling sleet and caused some accidents. According to the TimesUnion, East Greenbush police reported a 90-year-old Rensselaer woman was ejected from her car and her 92-year-old male passenger was injured about 11 a.m. when their vehicle slid on a sleet-covered highway and collided with a pickup truck.

Other police scanner reports from authorities around the Capital Region and New England reported a flurry of cars off roads and minor accidents into Friday afternoon.

National Weather Service meteorologist Brian Montgomery told the Times-Union ...

"The sleet acts like little ball bearings that can cause some slick spots on the roads. This is not hail. Hail is associated with thunderstorms and it gets drafted up several times, freezes repeatedly, and then falls down," he said. "Sleet is falling rain that re-freezes briefly as it falls."

By Thursday evening, most locations across the northeast had warmed above freezing, reducing the potential for additional sleet and ice accretions. The good news is that warmer temperatures will gradually arrive in the region by early next week with temperatures forecast to return to the 60's in eastern New York.

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