Thursday, 11 April 2013

Two bodies for a cigar: Killers offers police tip on bodies for cigar

Two bodies for a cigar: Killers offers police tip on bodies for cigar, A serial killer attempted to tease police with the idea of two bodies for a cigar, as it was reported on Thursday, April 11.

What exactly does that mean? Well, a serial killer who was being interrogated by police tried to play coy about the information he was intentionally keeping from the cops.

But in newly released audio tapes between police and the alleged killer, the man claims he would give up the location of the two people he was accused of killing for a price.

The price? A cigar.

The man accused of going on a massive killing spree is named Israel Keyes. In the newly released tapes, the man not only demanded a cigar, but had another strange request, too.

He wanted to be executed within a year.

Why a year? Why executed at all, you might ask? According to, Keyes allegedly told police that he didn’t want his young daughter to grow up knowing that her father was wasting away in a jail cell. To him, it would be better off if he were, quite literally, dead.

"I want an execution date...I want this whole thing wrapped up and over with as soon as possible," he said on April 6. "I'll give you every single gory detail you want, but that's what I want because I want my kid to have a chance to grow up.

She's in a safe place now.

She's not going to see any of this. I want her to have a chance to grow up and not have all this hanging over her head."

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