Thursday, 11 April 2013

Teen hit by softball dies

Teen hit by softball dies, A teenager California was killed after he was struck in the chest with a softball. This occurred during his physical education class at his high school. According to an April 11 report by CBS News, it was Taylor Dorman's sixteenth birthday.

Taylor Dorman seemed fine the first several minutes after had been hit by the softball. He continued to play softball with the rest of his classmates. Taylor Dorman even made a joke to the other student who hit the ball that hit him in the chest.

The teenager collapsed after about 20 minutes. The coach called 911 and paramedics were soon on the scene. He was stabilized at the school and then flown to a hospital.

Taylor Dorn died a few hours after arriving at the hospital. Friends and family were shocked by the news. A birthday party had been planned for this weekend. Now they will be attending the funeral of the teen hit by the softball and who died.

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