Monday, 15 April 2013

Teen dies playing chicken: Tragic death by train warns others to play it safe

Teen dies playing chicken: Tragic death by train warns others to play it safe, When a teen dies playing chicken with a train, it not only leaves a community devastated, but puts public safety and life in general into perspective. On Sunday, April 14, 2013, Upcoming Yahoo News reported that Austin Price, a 15-year-old boy, was killed after playing a game of chicken in front of a train with two of his friends.

Under the headline, “Teen dies playing chicken game”, UPI News notes that Austin Price was a teen described as kind and caring. His tragic death came as a result this week of being unable to jump out of the way of an incoming train on Thursday.

The two other teens remained unhurt in the train accident. Although Principal Tovi Scruggs of San Lorenzo school (where Price was a student) said that many of their students do play on the train tracks, even though there are several signs and warnings saying that doing so is dangerous and not worth it.

"It's an ongoing concern," the principal said. "Tragedies don't happen frequently, but we know the tracks are not staying empty."

One of 15-year-old Price’s many friends said that boys especially play by the train tracks often, but likely will be much more careful after the sudden teen death on the tracks.

"They played all the time," said a female student. "It was just a game."

"People won't be by the tracks anymore," 16-year-old Tania Montes added softly. She had been good friends with Austin since fifth grade.

The teen who died playing chicken has not only been a difficult and tragic one for the school community, but has reminded parents, teachers, and students alike in Austin's memory to make safe decisions and realize that while games may be fun, it’s important to never put one’s life in danger over them.

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