Monday, 15 April 2013

Six-year-old caught driving family car on route to pick up Chinese food

Six-year-old caught driving family car on route to pick up Chinese food, A six-year-old boy managed to drive his family's station wagon three miles along a Detroit highway before being pulled over by concerned drivers.

The unnamed child, from Lapeer, Michigan, took the keys to the family's Ford Taurus station wagon off a counter early on Saturday morning, while his parents were still asleep.

He later told police officers that he was planning to return to the Chinese restaurant they had eaten at the previous night to pick up food for breakfast.

Despite having never been taught how to drive, the boy managed to travel several miles along the M-24, before concerned drivers spotted the vehicle moving erratically and boxed the young driver into a turnaround.

"They told police when they called that it looked like a 6-year-old was driving the car," Sergeant Andy Engster of the Lapeer County Sheriff's Department told The Detroit News.

"And they were exactly right."

The child told police officers that he initially wanted to pick up Chinese food, but after hitting a road sign near his house and cracking the car's bumper he decided he should get the car repaired instead.

When he was spotted driving along the M-24, the practically-minded six-year-old was headed to a dealer to get the vehicle fixed.

Police woke the child's surprised father and brought him to the scene to collect his son and the family car.

The incident is under investigation.

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