Monday, 15 April 2013

Pistorius partying: Oscar Pistorius flirting, partying amid trial

Pistorius partying: Oscar Pistorius flirting, partying amid trial, Was Oscar Pistorius partying just weeks after losing (and possibly killing) his girlfriend? On April 15, The Inquisitr reported that Pistorius was spotted out drinking, partying, and flirting with women at a restaurant in Johannesburg over the weekend. His actions are being scrutinized by the public -- some of whom want to believe that he didn't kill his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

"He was greeting a couple and then gave the woman a little pat on her backside. It was just so inappropriate … He was drinking shooters and he was flirtatious. He didn’t seem like someone [who had] lost the love of his life," said a witness.

Pistorius partying definitely makes people wonder if he's trying to live it up before getting locked up. He is on trial for premeditated murder though he claims that he is innocent. The Olympic athlete claims that the media blew the story out of proportion and that all he did was go out to dinner. With witnesses claiming something different, however, who do you believe?

"Oscar did go out last Saturday with friends. It was the first time since the tragic and horrific events of February 14 that Oscar went out with friends. He has been out of the house with family, but this was the first time he went out to a restaurant with people other than close family," said Pistorius' spokesperson in his defense.

Should Pistorius be partying given the recent events that have transpired?

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