Saturday, 20 April 2013

Shots fired at 4/20 pot rally in Denver

Shots fired at 4/20 pot rally in Denver, According to USA Today, it was reported on April 20 that shots have been fired at the 4/20 pot rally in Denver. Because of the events in Boston recently, security was tightened. A few witnesses said they heard shots fired around 5:00 this afternoon after a ton of people shared hugs and pot at 4:20 this afternoon. Everyone started screaming and fleeing the event. According to Denver police, two people were shot and taken to the hospital. However, their injuries did not seem to be life threatening.

4/20 is an event where pot smokers come together and celebrate by smoking pot. No one knows just how 4/20 came to be. However, since Colorado and Washington recently legalized the use of medical marijuana, the 4/20 Pot Rally event took place today.

Witnesses said they heard a few shots fired and the police quickly placed police tape around the scene. There were many people at this event smoking pot in the street and were not arrested for it, although it is still illegal to smoke it in the streets. This is because the police were mainly focused on keeping security tight because of the Boston bombings.

Although it is legal to smoke pot in small amounts in Colorado and Washington, these states are still waiting for a response from the government to allow them to set up commercial pot sales since they are still limited to medical marijuana use only.

This story is still developing.

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