Saturday, 13 April 2013

Robber hit with bat video goes viral online

Robber hit with bat video goes viral online, A robber hit with a bat becomes an unlikely Internet star, despite his crime? That’s what’s happening on Friday, April 12, as reported by The Blaze.

In a shocking news video that’s making the rounds online, two robbers enter a shop owner’s store and get the biggest surprise of their lives.

Wearing masks to hide their identity, the robbers burst into the door, point their gun at the shop owner, and demand money. That’s at least what happened, according to the shop owner’s brother-in-law.

“One of the guys, he said, ‘Give me the money or you are dead,’ and after that I was close to him and I tried to hit him with the bat, and the other guy he started shooting,” Aucaquizhpi recalled.

After the bullets began to fly, the robbers hit by the bat attempt to flee the scene of their crime. But there’s one problem—you can’t just walk out the front door. You need to be buzzed out, as all customers are who shop at this particular store.

“Aucaquizhpi is seen in the video tossing a stool at the gunman and later chasing him with a fire extinguisher after the two robbers buzzed themselves out of the shop,” writes NBC Chicago.

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