Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Rachael Ray show sued for negligence by obese teen

Rachael Ray show sued for negligence by obese teen, Recent news of the "Rachael Ray" show being sued by an overweight teen is topping headlines today. Reportedly, Christina Pagliarolo agreed to participate in a part of the "Rachael Ray" show which was about overweight teens. The production crew hired a trainer to help the obese teen lose weight. However, according to a report from TMZ on April 16, her trainer made her endure severe training sessions which included verbal abuse among other things.

Apparently the training sessions were too much for Pagliarolo, and she is now suing the "Rachael Ray" show for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress, writes TMZ.

The lawsuit claims she was yelled at by her coach and was forced to run like Forrest Gump. Furthermore, she alleges that the coach put her on a stair machine and increased the speed until she fell off, then yelled at her for having fallen.

The teen claims the hard training has caused caused her serious damage, both emotionally and physically.

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