Wednesday, 17 April 2013

‘Rachael Ray’ show sued by teen ‘who weighed in at 260 lbs’

‘Rachael Ray’ show sued by teen ‘who weighed in at 260 lbs’, The “Rachael Ray” show is being sued by a teen “who weighed in at 260 lbs” for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The teen who is suing the “Rachael Ray” show had agreed to be part of the show that was to discuss overweight teens, but she had not agreed to being injured and humiliated, reported TMZ on April 16, 2013.

The “Rachael Ray” show or also called “The Rachael Ray Show” is hosted by Rachael Ray and is a how-to series that began in 2006. Besides featuring Rachael Ray’s culinary skills, the show also invites celebrities, musical performers, and guests who participate in a discussion of a wide variety of topics like romance, love, dating, marriage, relationships, family, friends, children and parenting, fashion and beauty, health, work and money, and eating.

Christina Pagliarolo, the teen who had agreed to participate in the segment about overweight teens, is suing the “Rachael Ray” show because she had to reportedly hike in the mountains and exercise on a StairMaster all the while being screamed at and being humiliated.

According to TMZ’s report, during the exercises, the overweight teen was being yelled at for not being able to perform better. While on the StairMaster, the trainer also reportedly cranked up the speed so high that the teen fell off the machine.

“Christina says she was a mess after training ... suffering serious injuries including messed up legs.”

Despite falling of the StairMaster, the teen says that the trainer yelled at her for falling off and that she ended up not only with physical injuries but also emotional injuries including humiliation and anxiety.

In response to the allegation by the teen, a representative for the “Rachael Ray” show told TMZ that “We haven't received this purported lawsuit but if it does materialize we will defend ourselves against it vigorously and fully expect to prevail."


  1. Wow this probably did happen and its wrong, cuz she was already feelin bad cuz of the weight problem but to throw meaness in is unexceptable

  2. I have had personal trainers and, fortunately, none of them yell at me. I don't consider yelling to be encouraging and I would quit immediately. I have seen shows where trainers yell and don't see it as helpful.

  3. What do you mean.... "I can't have a twinkie?" Waaaaaa!!!!!

  4. She signed a waiver. Go home and do it on your own. Good luck

  5. 260 pounds wow she needs to hide not go on Tv! Fat ass

    1. you are not right i admit shes pretty heavy but some females as well as male have a body inbalance and can not prevent body weight and have a hard losing the weight.