Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pot party pooper: Shots fired at Colo. rally injure two

Pot party pooper: Shots fired at Colo. rally injure two, According to a report just released by ABC, shots rang out at the annual counterculture 4/20 pot smoking gathering at the Denver civic center in Colorado today, shortly after 5:00 p.m., causing thousands to scramble for cover. Two people and a dog were injured. The people were taken to the Denver Health Medical Center.

Today's gathering was the first since marijuana became legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington. People came from all corners of the country to join in the celebration, listen to live music, and generally revel in the knowledge that at last marijuana laws appear to be relaxing.

Technically, smoking pot in public in Colorado is still illegal. Today, however, law enforcement officials were not enforcing that particular law but instead were focused on security in consideration of the bombings at the Boston Marathon last Monday.

Pot smokers have been gathering for decades on April 20 of each year to publicly smoke marijuana as part of a growing counterculture movement to protest the herb's illegality. Supposedly, 4:20 was once a police code in the late '70s to indicate "pot smoking in progress". To learn more, read the Huffington Post's article about the origins of the holiday which is reposted annually.

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