Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Photos: Social media on Boston Marathon attack

Photos: Social media on Boston Marathon attack, Top news coming in to San Francisco today is about the horrific explosion in Boston.

It happened during the Boston Marathon and took place just at the finish line. There were, in fact, two explosions and the end result was two people dead and 23 people injured.

"It sounds to me like a couple of bombs were left lying around. But I am surprised there was no security. I'd imagine where crowds gather like that, security would be tight," says San Francisco resident, Katie Adler.

A medical tent was already in place that was meant to care for tired runners, but that ended up being the place where bloodied spectators were treated, says news source, ABC 7 News in San Francisco.

On Twitter, the media board lit up after the first explosion. If you have a family member there, this posting from BieberArmy tells you what to do:

"Bieber Army ‏@BieberSuperArmy3m
If you are looking for a family member who may have been hurt in Boston today, please call 617-635-4500. #PrayForBoston"

Facebook carried a message from the marathon event planners that the two explosions had, indeed, been caused by bombs.

The first explosion blew out the windows in four buildings, say officials, and it took place on Boylston Street at the Marathon Sports shop. That happened around 3pm EST, although it's not clear if the explosion was inside or outside the store.

The second explosion happened just 10 seconds later. The winners had crossed the finish line around 3 hours earlier.

Smoke could be seen coming from the bomb site area and many people had to be rushed away in wheelchairs, several with blood on their faces.

President Obama has said his administration will offer its full assistance and a thorough investigation into what happened. .

This was the 117th edition of the Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon is well-known among runners and is famous throughout the United States. This year saw 24,000 runners start out in Hopkinton.

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Source ABC news

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