Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pet food recall: Salmonella risk forces Natura to expand recall

Pet food recall: Salmonella risk forces Natura to expand recall, A pet food recall has been greatly expanded by Natura Pet Products due to a salmonella risk according to an Associated Press report on Friday, April 19, 2013. The salmonella risk in the dry pet foods are actually not just a risk to animals, but to people as well.

Natura is a unit of Proctor & Gamble Co. and it first announced the pet food recall back in March of 2013. That recall included cat, dog, and ferret foods due to the fact that they could hjave been contaminated with salmonella.

Full list of items in the pet food recall from Natura is at this link

As of now, the dry pet food product and treats recall has been greatly expanded to those that have expiration dates prior to and including March 24, 2014. If there are any expiration dates past that one, then they are not said to be at risk for salmonella.

Look for signs in your pet to determine if they may have been exposed to salmonella. Some of those factors could be:

Lethargic or overly tired
Bloody diarrhea
Decreased appetite
Abdominal pain
Pets carrying salmonella can affect other animals and even humans. People that touch the contaminated products can also be affected by salmonella. Natura recommends that consumers with products in the pet food recall need to contact a veterinarian if a pet has any of the symptoms listed above.

Symptoms that a human infected with salmonella may face are:

Blood Diarrhea
Abdominal cramps
As of Friday, there were no confirmed reports of the illness tied to Natura products in the pet food recall. Consumer complaints are coming in though and they are investigating them. If you have suffered any type of symptoms, consult a doctor and end up contacting Natura.

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