Saturday, 20 April 2013

Josh Reddick apologizes: Outfielder wanted Boston Marathon suspect tortured

Josh Reddick apologizes: Outfielder wanted Boston Marathon suspect tortured, Everyone has their own opinions as to how the remaining Boston Marathon bombing suspect should be treated upon his possible catcher. Those in the public or celebrity eye need to really be wary of what they say though, and the same goes for Oakland Athletics' outfielder Josh Reddick. Big League Stew reported on Friday, April 19, 2013, that Reddick has apologized ever since saying the Boston Marathon bombing suspect should be tortured.

The bearded outfielder took to Twitter early on the morning of Friday and decided to express his opinion on what everyone has been watching. Remember, Josh Reddick is a former member of the Boston Red Sox too.

"What is going on in America? These people deserve to be tortured very slowly and make them beg for their lives. #americastrong"

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It took only about five minutes for him to realize what he had done and deleted the tweet. He said that it was "a little harsh" and then went back on Twitter to officially apologize for the whole thing.

"Why I'm an American and proud of it."

With that message was a picture of a note from his phone stating:

"Ok so maybe my tweet was a little harsh. I apologize but I can't help it as patriotic as I am to see Americans treated like this. Nobody deserves to be out throughout what the city of Boston is going through. The people responsible deserve to be punished. I have my beliefs. So if this has offended anybody I'm sorry."

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  1. He gets my write-in vote for this year's All Star team